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Exmoor Holiday 2017
Strawberry Fayre 2017
Walks November 2016 to June 2017

Subs for 2017/18 are due on 1 Sepember
If not, we’d be grateful if you could send a cheque (£5 per person) to: Mrs J Smith, 7 Mulberry Close, Meopham, DA13 0EP. Cheques should be made payable to Meopham and District Footpaths Group and clearly endorsed on the back with your name and address. Or pay after 1 September by bank transfer quoting the reference SUBS

2017 AGM
The Annual General Meeting will be held on Friday 13 October at 7.30pm at Meopham Village Hall.

What to do when a path through a field is blocked by crops
If the public right way through a field is impassable due to an obstruction, you are legally allowed to take a diversion. If the whole field is cropped, including the public right of way, and only the margin is not cropped, the only possible diversion is via the field edge. The farmer has a duty to prevent a crop (other than grass) from making the path difficult to find or follow. You have the right to walk through crops growing over a path and, provided you stick as closely as possible to the correct line, you should not be liable for any damage caused to the crops.
[reproduced by permission of walk, the magazine of the Ramblers]

Using a mobile phone when you get into difficulties
Instead of dialling 999, use 112 to contact the emergency services as it can even be used on locked phones and will search all available mobile networks to find the strongest signal.
If you also register with the 112 network (I have – just text ‘register’ to 112) you can send a text to 112 if the signal is too poor to make a phone call.
Useful apps which are free to download:

This allows you to enter emergency contact details, blood type and allergies. (Requests have been made to the creator of the app to be able to add more than one contact and to be able to add medical conditions and medications.) Even if your phone is locked, the widget can be opened to access your emergency information.
GPS OS Grid Reference finder
This app uses GPS (so no internet connection is required) to automatically find the OS grid reference of your current location. Not only does this provide accurate information if required by the emergency services – it also shows where you are on the map if you’ve wandered off course!