Meopham Parish Path Survey

Below is a “snapshot” of the situation prevailing at the time of the 2015 survey, with 2014 results for comparison.

2015 2014
Rights of way with no substantial problems 56% 39%
Summary of problems :
Clearance required 20 22
Stile problems 5 2
Finger Post problems 3 3
Waymark Post required 3 2
Non-reinstatement 2 7
Fallen trees/branches 2 5
Total number of Rights of Way in Meopham 67 (38 miles approx.)
Team of Monitors 12 persons
Period of Monitoring June to October 2015

Working parties have worked for over 100 hours this year clearing vegetation. Meopham Parish Council provided us with a grant of £340 for the maintenance of our equipment, which is much appreciated.

Active steps have been and are being taken to resolve these problems by Meopham and District Footpaths Group, in liaison with the Kent County Council Rights of Way Officer when necessary. Budget restrictions continue to have a substantial impact on KCC Rights Of Way activity.

Meopham and District Footpaths Group also report/act on Rights of Way outside the Parish.

Ken Dare, October 2015